Commercial Electricians Are Part Of Your Building’s Success

30 October 2017
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  Nobody wants to rent commercial space that has an inconsistent power supply. In such cases, businesses will lose money, time, and their reputation in no time. It will be just a matter of time before your renters move out of your premises. If you own a building, you will want to make friends with a commercial electrician. This will keep tenants happy and rent money flowing in. What benefits does a commercial electrician bring to your building? Read More 

What Can You Do If Your Toilet Is Clogged?

29 September 2017
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If you have water running out of the toilet and it's not flushing, then you may be worried about what you are going to do about it now, and what you can do about it in the future.  Snake the Toilet One way to handle your clogged toilet with the overflowing bowl is to use a snake. These are also sometimes called toilet augers. The end of the snake has a little claw. Read More 

I Didn’t Know That! 4 Ways Keeping Your Air Conditioner On Will Benefit You And Your Home

10 September 2017
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When summer rolls around, you want to turn your air conditioner on as soon as the temperatures start to go up. That's not necessarily a bad thing. You see there are actually quite a few benefits to using your air conditioner during the searing heat. One of the benefits is that it just feels better to stay cool during the summer. However, the benefits go way beyond that. Here are four very important reasons why you need to make sure your air conditioner is working properly when summer arrives: Read More 

How To Service Your Condenser Hose

28 August 2017
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The condenser is perhaps the most important component in your AC system. It is largely responsible for circulation of cold air into your ducts. The one thing about the condenser unit is that it is located outside of your building. This means that it is exposed to the elements and it needs to be serviced and cleaned more frequently. One particularly vulnerable part of the system is the connector hose. This article explains where the connector of the hose is, how to check it, and how to fix it. Read More 

Read On To Learn Three Reasons Why Your AC May Not Be Cooling Your Home

16 August 2017
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You depend on your AC when the outside temperature rises, so it can be a major issue when it doesn't cool well. The following are some reasons why this can happen. #1: Fix the fins Poor cooling is often the result of the condenser coils being unable to transfer heat and cool air properly. These coils don't actually look like coils. If you examine the outdoor part of your AC unit, you will see fins which resemble a vent screen covering at least one side of the unit. Read More